Wednesday, October 18, 2017

WIPs With Friends

Wednesday brings another installment of WIPs With Friends. 
 I took a Fiber Works class with my SIL on Monday night.  
If you don't know the patterns go here and check them out.  I
t is a pretty cool collage technique. 
 Patterns are by Laura Heine.  
I, of course, chose the cat.  My SIL chose the sea horse. 
 I wanted to make my cat look like an orange tabby (Jack) and she was going for the pattern look.

We just learned how to transfer the pattern on to pattern eze and then do the base fabrics to form the animal we were making.  
Once the base is in place you fuse it to the pattern eze and cut it out.  
Then you attach it to the background you chose for your piece.  
The magic happens when you fuse flowers and stuff on top of the colorful base.  
Here is my cat, Jack so far. 
 This is just the base.

I re-did the nose like 6 times!  I ended up using the tiger's nose from Tula Pink's Eden line.  
It was purrfect! 
 I also wanted the eyes to stand out more so I fused them on to a bit of black.  
I love how they turned out!

This is the seahorse base my SIL did.  
She and I did our own shop hop and acquired all of these fabrics to use for this project 
(mostly Kaffe).  
So far I think we are doing a great job with them.

Our next class is November 4, so there won't be much more to share with these until then. 

I linked up with Sew Fresh Quilts

What are you working on?  Use the Linky to add your current project.


Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Fish Quilt Progress

I was determined that this past weekend I would make good progress (if not finish) the fish quilt top.  I only had a few of the blocks made but midway through Sunday I had all the blocks made
 and up on my design wall.

I still needed to put in the sashing at this point.  

My thoughts were, "well, you could do the in-between sashing."  
So I added that.

And how much more time would it take to put the long sashing strips in?  
Surely you could join the rows now.

Hey, as long as you are this far may as well finish it up and put the outer borders on.
Somewhere around 11pm I managed to have the top finished, the batting cut and the backing pieced and ready to bring to the quilter on Tuesday! 
 It was too dark to get a photo and I had a class last night that got me 
home around 10pm so this is the best I have right here. 
 The backing is a cream flannel with golden retrievers on it 
(they look a lot like Abbey, our dog).

I am dropping this off with Kathy at Thread Bear Quilting today!!

My plan is to her her quilt Fly lures all over it.
This is an Anne Bright pattern.

One more Christmas present almost finished!!

More about the amazing class I took tomorrow during WIPs With Friends.


Friday, October 13, 2017

Happy Friday The 13th

I found this and it reminded me of my cat Cole.

I hope you are all having a great day.  

Enjoy your weekend!


Thursday, October 12, 2017

Trunk or Treat

When we were in Holly for the memorial, we finished relatively early so we decided to go to downtown Holly and walk around.  
They have a lot of nice shops and we usually go to the Dicken's Festival there in December.  
We had an early dinner at a great little cafe there and wouldn't you know it, they had the entire downtown closed off for a vintage car show and "Trunk or Treat" for the kids!

There were tons of vintage cars "dressed up" and their owners had put out candy for the kids.

It was small town America at it's best!  Just what we both needed to recharge our batteries!

Enjoy the rest of the week!


Roy and Maggie's Memorial

I have not written about the goodbye I was part of last week.  
I believe you need some back story.  
When I was taking care of my dad back in 2014 things were getting much to difficult for me to do long distance.  I needed him to move here (3 hours closer) 
to be nearby so I could care for him more easily.  
I searched and searched for a solution.  
I finally found an AFC home.  I did not know they did those for the elderly. 
 It was someone's home where they care for elderly people.  
He would have 24/7 supervision while having his own room.  
There was  living room and they cooked all his meals.  
The home I found near us was perfect!  

That's where we met Roy and Maggie.  
They were an elderly couple living in the home when we moved my dad in there.  
We bonded with them almost immediately.  
Maggie loved cats and Roy flew in the army aircore.  
They had one son that had passed away many years ago and the only people that came to visit were Roy's younger brother and SIL from NY, but not that often.  
So everyday when I went to see my dad I also visited them.  
My dad passed away in June of 2014 and I could see it on Roy and Maggie's faces,
 "What about us now?  Are you still going to visit us?"  
Well, of course we would still visit them!

While the house remained there I went every week once a week to visit.  
I taught Roy how to use Google Hangouts and he would talk to me online every day. 
 Then one night Roy called me to say that if I wanted to see Maggie one last time 
I should come right now. 
 We drove over and the house dad tried to turn me away but Roy told him that he had called us.  
I went in and held Maggie's hand and talked to her for a bit.  
I tried to go but she grabbed my hand tighter and opened her eyes and looked right at me as if to ask me to stay, so I did.  
Eventually, I was able to slip out and not long after she left this Earth.

Roy was devastated!  
He loved her so much.  
Then the owners moved the house a ways away and our visits got less frequent, but we still talked online every day.  
He would send me funny videos and I would send him pictures.  
Then the house moved again, a little closer to where we live and we visited a little more frequently.  
I could tell when he needed a visit by the way he talked when he messaged me.  
We celebrated his 96 birthday this year with his brother and SIL and his favorite, cherry pie.

A few weeks ago the owner messaged me to tell me that Roy had gone into the hospital.  
We went to visit right after church the next day.  
Roy looked awful and sounded even worse.  He was very happy to see us though.  
We had a nice visit and we left.  
On the following Thursday Dave (the owner) texted me and said if we wanted to see Roy we should come the next day.  
He was getting out of the hospital and going in to hospice at home.  
We were getting ready to leave for the Outer Banks for our vacation and 
we just could NOT make it over.  
I called him and told him we loved him and we would see him when we got back 
(although I did not think he was going to make it that long). 
 I received the text the next day saying that he had joined Maggie.

So last week there was a memorial service for them.  They had both been cremated.  
The ceremony would be military and at the veteran's cemetery.  
I left work early and we drove to Holly for the memorial.  
The cemetery was a beautiful place. 
 Two of their friend showed up too so the four of us said our goodbyes.  

There were swans in the pond and Sand Hill Cranes walking around the grounds.

The ceremony was short but touching.

This is all the closer we could go for the actual inturment.

So beautiful and yet so sad.  It really brings home the sacrifices made by our military.

I received the flag, which in this case was a token as the real flag had been sent to his family.
It was no less moving for me as I had received the real flag at my father's memorial.  
If you have never watched you should do so.  
Receiving the flag was one of the most difficult things I have done in my adult life. 
 I was so humbled.


So this sums up our relationship with Roy and Maggie and our final tribute to both of them.

RIP Roy and Maggie.  We will miss you both so much!


Wednesday, October 11, 2017

WIPs With Friends

If its Wednesday, it must be time to share our WIPs!  I finished the fox top and am moving on.

 Now I have to decide how I want it quilted.  Here are the three I narrowed it down to.  
Help me choose.  they are all overall designs. 
 I will not have her quilt over the fox, just outline him.

I have begun the fish quilt for my husband also.  
I cut the sashing incorrectly (big surprise there) but did not have any more of that fabric, of course.  
I bought it at retreat and bought all they had.  
I had cut the selvedge off but discarded it recently thinking I didn't need it any longer.  
Oh, man, now I had to rely on my old memory to come up with it.  
Well, guess what??  
I actually remembered!!! AND, I actually was able to find some online and I ordered it!!!  
So I did get some of the blocks made and this is what I have so far.  
I wasn't very excited about putting this together but now that I am working on it the blocks are coming out kind of cool.

Additionally I finished up my 2 October bee blocks.  
They look like one giant block in the photo but they are really 2.

Gratuitous photo of Finn and what are you working on??  
Link up and share with us.  


Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Salsa Canning

Making and canning salsa took me most of the day on Sunday. 
 I went out to my garden and collected tomatoes and peppers. 
 I also went to our neighbor's garden and collected tomatoes.  
They told me they are sooo sick of tomatoes, LOL.  

Here was my haul.  
Before you ask, NO I do NOT use bananas in my salsa, they just happened to be on my table.

I made 10 pints of salsa.  I brought one over to the neighbors that let me pick their tomatoes too.  Now, I have more tomatoes then peppers.  
My dilemma is do I buy more peppers or just can the tomatoes? 
 I'm pretty sure I will just can the tomatoes.  I'm certain that there are more to pick too.

(see the salsa is done and the same number of bananas remain on the table).

I had the best kitty helpers too.  Although you can see they are quite lazy!

Happy Tuesday!